About Global College

Global College is one of the leading institutes in providing skilled education and professional careers to the youth of Pakistan. We believe in developing expert skills in each individual and providing them a solid head start in their professional career. We don't just provide education, we provide jobs!

Global College of Skills is to eradicate the poverty in pakistan by motivating its backward uneducated Population to undergo Short training of most beneficial courses conducted by the institution. The best tutors and trainers of our institute put their maximum emphasis towards diverting form being lazy and idle to get themselves acquainted with the free and short training of certain short courses which shall eliminate poverty from homes, villages, towns, cities and ultimately from all provinces of the country.

At the Global College, we aim to empower youth with the best of academic and professional skills. We offer a wide range of skill development courses and trainings which help individuals develop and nurture their competencies which they want to excel in.

In order to get high paid jobs anywhere in the world. Not only this, we offer guaranteed internships and jobs to students in our very own UAE and UK based Software house which has been serving the local and global industry for over a decade.

Our Vision

To make students technologically superior & ethically strong and build them as professionals who will become the trend setters in the industry

Our Mission

To be amongst the top technical institute and to establish itself as a Deemed Institute.
We will achieve this by:

  • Well Oualified, Dedicated and Committed Faculty
  • Best Institute interaction with industry and alumni
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities
  • Quality placements for our Students

Director Massage

My Massage is extended to all families who are having serous threats of poverty because oftheir little of no earning, illiteracy for whatever reasons to send their male & female Children of 16 to 40 years age to our institution. We shall train them with our best specialization in the field of your children's Choice. There shall be no fee for short courses run in our institute. We assist our students through creation of certain resource of income for them after short training from us. Diploma for relevant course training completed is issued by the Government of Pakistan Beware we have agreements with certain organizations to provide them skilled manpower. This provides privileges to both the employee and employers to benefit with each other's assistance. Employer get good skilled manpower and employee get work/job with reasonable emoluments.

Let us make Tremendous contributions to the development of our Society and country peoples do different things but we do things differently. My Message to the learners and achievers is:


Be skilles in different trades with different Technologies. Get rid of poverty and make your Family and Country enriched and wealthy.






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